On the eve of the unveiling of new work by renowned international artist: RANE, the industries finest commentators gather to discuss the meaning of his work.

2006 presented us with another opportunity to enter the 48Hour Film Competition. 54 teams from Christchurch entered this year, more than twice that of last year. This year we drew Pretentious Art Film – and we delivered just that.

This years elements were:

  • A character named Robin Slade, an eternal optimist.
  • A mirror.
  • A line of dialogue: “That’s what i’m talking about”.

We also threw in another red scarf for good measure.

For those of you who missed it during the film

eep! wins four awards at the Christchurch Regional Finals

“Knawtra” wins Christchurch Runner Up
David Jensen wins Best Use of Fog for his work as Cinematographer
John Nuttridge wins Best Male Actor for his performance as Richard Verbavovich
Daniel Batkin-Smith wins Best Direction